Is Arnold really green?

Recently, Arnold (Schwarzenegger, our Governor here in California) was on Newsweek’s cover being celebrated for his new greenness, however, his love for the environment doesn’t seem to translate into a support for alternative means of transportation, but maybe that’s to be expected from someone who owns and drives several Hummers … For not only does his proposed budget cut a lot of money that was supposed to go to transit - and that while gas prices are closing in on the $4 mark in some areas - but also is he just about the only person of importance left in this state that does not support High Speed Rail - at least that seems to be what this article concludes. There definitely has been a lot of positive press recently and several state legislators have voiced their renewed support for the project, but for the governor, it does not seem to be a priority. Let’s hope someone can convince him otherwise.

Posted in: High Speed Rail | April 21, 2007 10:14 pm

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